Late accreditation 

As at 3 pm, accreditation of delegates and journalists was yet to commence as security operatives prevented reporters from entering the venue.

Beyond that, a lot of intrigues, permutations, mudslinging and persuasion, characterized the exercise that was nearly disrupted by some PDP members.

According to sources privy to the politics that played out, the emergence of Agbaje, aside being a product of the effort and influence of the party’s former Deputy National Chairman, Chief Bode George, also had the support of the presidency, without Obanikoro’s knowledge.

said the source: “The whole drama was like a backstab to Obanikoro who ‘innocently’ believed that he has the presidency and the national body behind him.

“The problem was that Obanikoro didn’t read the presidency’s body language very well. The presidency needs him more in Abuja but when he began to over-rate himself, Abuja only told George to let him be and continue to do what he knows how to do best,” the source added.

Prior to this, President Goodluck Jonathan had during a meeting with aspirants and leadership of the PDP in Lagos said he doesn’t have any aspirant but gave a hint about a certain aspirant that he has been hearing his name among people close to him, saying that if that particular aspirant is the choice of the party, he has no choice but to support the person.”

It was gathered that after the parley, the veiled statement from the president was translated by many analysts to portend the support of Abuja for Agbaje, who many also believe enjoys much of support from a South-West governor who recently defected to the PDP.

The source posited that: “Agbaje’s candidature was never in doubt from the day George took him to the presidency. One of the conditions given by the president was that George should ensure they put their house in order, hence, the much touted reconciliation between George and Ogunlewe.

“Agbaje’s personality is what the president bought into it but nobody was ready to push off Obanikoro just like that, especially with his weight in the state. They just allowed the balls to roll till Monday because they don’t want any litigation to flaw the primaries, otherwise it could have been a consensus for Agbaje.

“If you noticed, Obanikoro got wind of the skirmish against him a few hours to the poll and efforts to rally round and save his face proved abortive. He never wanted withdrawal. I believe he has learned his lessons in politics but there is a possibility of a likely recall back to the federal cabinet for him,” the source said.


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